A name pattern refers to a standardized format or template for collecting the name of person.

If you have integrated UAE Pass within your service portal, the possibility for asking a user to enter their name may be less likely. However, there are situations when you may need to include a name field within your forms. Some examples where a name is required:

  • When you need an authenticated user to enter the name of someone else - such as a dependent.
  • When a non UAE citizen or resident, who has not authenticated themselves with UAE Pass is applying for a service.
  • When a company user is applying for a service and needs to add information about an employee.
  • When a user is filling a general form that does not need authentication.

The name pattern

The first name and last name is mandatory, while having a field for a middle name is recommended - but is optional.

You may also decide that having a single field to accept first and middle name is acceptable. Your data strucutre may be defined to always hold information in 2 variables. In this this case, the following pattern would be applicable.

Displaying a name

When you need to address the user directly, you will use the "first name" and the "last name" in the context of starting an email or a letter.

Dear Abdullah Al Shamsi,

Similarly, when you need to use the name of a user in a third person context, you will include the "first name" and "last name".

This is to inform you that Abdullah Al Shamsi has been added to the account of the company as an administrator.

When you are absolutely sure you have captured additional details about the user, such as their gender, you may use this information to display the name in a more formal approach. In this example, it is assumed that the gender has been captured against the user's account and hence the display of the name is more formal. It is advisable to use this when possible.

Dear Mr.Abdullah Al Shamsi,

... or ...

Dear Mr.Al Shamsi,

When displaying the name to the user after they have logged in to the service portal, as a link to open their account, or to welcome them on the dashboard, you may use a semi-informal approach and use only their "first name"