About the UAE design system 2.0

The 'Design System' (DLS) version 2.0 presents a manual for federal government entities (FGEs) to plan and arrange content on their websites with simplicity and creativity. The system sets all visual design elements and rules required to optimise usability and user experience (UX) on federal government websites.

Furthermore, it also provides a set of pre-tested components, blocks and patterns that should be used to design and develop consistent, optimised and accessible websites.

Who is this system for?

This system is designed primarily for content specialists, user interface (UI) designers, developers, user researchers and digital operations teams of FGEs. It serves as a reference guide for web development firms and individuals tasked with assessing the compliance of digital services used by the UAE’s FGEs, as well as for selected external stakeholders.

For ministries

The design system has a set of guidelines and approaches that have been curated based on user research and inline with the branding guidelines of the Government of United Arab Emirates.

For authorities

All curated guidelines, components and blocks can be used by Federal Authorities as well, along with the ability to apply their own branding elements when necessary.

For initiatives

Websites and digital assets for initiatives and campaigns can be very creative and do not need to follow the design system. However, it is recommended to use the guidelines and apply good practices where possible.


The system aims to unify the digital presence of FGEs. It seeks to position the UAE as a pioneer in the provision of digital services as measured by the UN’s Online Services Index and in line with the UAE Government Charter for Future Services.

The mission

To provide a unified set of design guidelines, components, blocks and resources that enhance usability, accessibility, and user experience, positioning the United Arab Emirates as a pioneer in the provision of digital services.

The vision

To be the cornerstone of seamless user experience design, setting the global standard for government-based digital interfaces.

The Design Language System 2.0 is an initiative by The Telecommunication and Digital Government Regulatory Authority of the United Arab Emirates to revolutionize the digital interfaces of federal agencies.

It serves as a centralized resource to enable seamless, effective, and consistent user experiences across all digital platforms owned by the Federal Government Entities (FGEs).

What we offer

Why choose the UAE design system?


Streamline design and development processes with our reusable components.


Maintain a uniform look and feel across multiple platforms and devices.


Meet or exceed all local and international accessibility standards.


Stay ahead of the curve with a design system that's constantly updated based on user feedback and technological advancements.


All FGEs must comply with the 'Design Language System'. Each FGE should conduct a comprehensive internal audit to identify areas that must be addressed in order to bring all existing websites in line with the guide. In the future, all federal government websites and mobile applications must be developed to comply with the system.

Feedback and support

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority maintains the 'Design Language System'.

For any questions, suggestions or ideas to improve the DLS, please send an email to: design.system@tdra.gov.ae