The newsletter block serves as an effective tool for websites to gather valuable information and data from users who wish to subscribe to content delivered via email.

When email addresses are collected through the websites, it can be useful to keep the audience informed and engaged by sending out regular updates, announcements, and relevant content directly to subscribers' email addresses. By utilizing the newsletter block, websites can establish a direct and personalized channel of communication with their audience, fostering a stronger connection and providing users with the latest and most relevant information.

Key elements to note

  • This block is only a UI element to showcase how the newsletter collection UI must look. It is not connected to a backend system for collection of email addresses.
  • If you are collecting email addresses from a user, and if the user has subscribed through the website, you may want to confirm their intent by sending them an email to confirm their subscription.
  • You may also want to organise the emails collected in lists relevant to the user's preference.
  • Always validate the email address format before inserting it in your backend system.