Community guideline and rules for GitHub

29th Aug 2023
responsive web design

The UAE design system community is a thriving space dedicated to collaborative discussion on design, user experience, front-end development, and more where innovation and participation are at the forefront.

As a project grows in popularity, it becomes important to set clear boundaries to help maintain balance. To ensure our discussions are fruitful, respectful, and inclusive, we present the following guidelines and code of conduct.

1. Be constructive and respectful

Always approach discussions with a positive and constructive mindset. Respect differing viewpoints and experiences, and remember that every contribution is valuable. Use welcoming and inclusive language and avoid any form of derogatory comments.

Every member is expected to treat others with respect, irrespective of their background, identity, or level of experience. Discrimination and harassment are strictly prohibited.

2. Seek to understand before being understood

Before diving into a reply, take a moment to thoroughly understand the other person’s perspective. Asking clarifying questions can often lead to more productive discussions and avoid misunderstandings.

Avoid blaming another community member. Rather focus on resolving issues and learning from mistakes. Seek to understand the cause of any problems and work together to address them.

3. Stay on topic

Ensure your contributions are relevant to the project or discussion. Off-topic discussions can detract from the productivity of the community and may be moved or deleted.

4. Collaboration over competition

We thrive on collaboration. While debates are natural, they should remain constructive, with the common goal of improving the project. Be open to new ideas and be willing to change your viewpoint in the light of new information. Every contribution, big or small, is valued.

If you encounter behavior that violates our guidelines, please report it to the moderators. We are committed to addressing such issues promptly and maintaining the integrity of our community.

The design system community is a space for learning, sharing, and constructive collaboration. By adhering to these guidelines and our code of conduct, we can maintain a positive and inclusive environment, driving our projects to new heights of success and innovation.

This guideline is also an extension of the GitHub Community Guidelines